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We are Looking for New Volunteers for the FAA board

Every year in September the Fremont Athletic Association (FAA) conducts elections for 9 positions.  Per the FAA by-laws each and every position is up for election every year.  Simply put no position is a guarantee.  Our Annual Elections will be September 13, 2017.  If you are reading this let us say thank you!  You have already done more than most people will consider doing.  By opening this file you have expressed an interest in the future of YOUR Fremont Athletic Association!  The organization exists only through volunteers.  We hope you will consider a position with us.  Deadline for consideration will be the night of elections.  If you are interested in a position please let us know so we can place your name on a ballot for elections.  Write in candidates will be accepted only if the individual is able to make it known to the voting public that they are interested in the position. 


Below is a rough idea of what to expect should you decide to run for a position!



Essential Duties:

         Schedule all Board meetings & develop agendas for meetings

         Chair all Board meetings

         Oversee Board working groups

         Review Treasurer reports

         Meet (as necessary) with other agencies (i.e. parks and rec, Selectmen, etc)

         Support effective channels of communication among board members and coordinators

         Recruit new Board members as needed

         Lead Board in accomplishing the Associations Mission  

Time Commitment:

         Expected commitment for President duties varies depending upon season and circumstances that arise with little or no notice.  Flexibility is key in this position


Vice President:


Essential Duties:

         In the absence of the president, assume the duties of the president.

         Review Treasurer reports

         Provide leadership for volunteer recruitment and recognition

         When Possible represent FAA at official functions.

         Participate in major FAA functions and events.

Time Commitment:

         Expected commitment for Vice President duties varies depending upon season and circumstances that arise with little or no notice.  Flexibility is key in this position



         Produce Monthly Treasurer reports

         Handle the associations funds with high standards and set a tone of integrity

         Manage tax filings

         Identify and manage financial risk

         Provide invoices and receipts to document contributions of sponsors  

         Assist coordinators with the Planning and evaluation of budgets

         Recruit the next treasurer

Time Commitment:

         Expected commitment for Treasurer duties is 12-16 hours per month



Primary Responsibilities:

         Attend monthly FAA meetings

         Record minutes of meetings; ensure their accuracy and disseminate them electronically

         Document results of items voted on in minutes, ensuring historical accounting of association decisions

Time Commitment:

         Expected commitment for secretary duties is 4-6 hours per month


Board Member:

 Board members have two basic responsibilities—support and governance.  The board member is the backbone of the organization and is the key voting official on ALL matters brought before the organization.  They are viewed as the “Voice of the Public”.  The By Laws for the FAA call for 5 Board Members. 

There is much written about the roles and responsibility of a board member but for our organization the key responsibilities are:

         Attend monthly meetings

         Provide Feedback and opinions on matters raised

         Vote and make decisions based upon the needs and desires of the public

         Relay the boards position on line items to the public as necessary

Time Commitment:

         Expected commitment for Board Member duties is 4-6 hours per month


Fremont Athletic Association

The Fremont Athletic Association (FAA) is a not for profit, service oriented organization established to promote youth sports in the community.  We believe that youth who take pride in their community and participate in local programs, regardless of their ability level, will enhance their sense of place and well being.  The FAA has been incorporated since 1987.  As a volunteer driven group, it is our goal to provide youth a safe, fun environment


Monthly FAA Meetings

Our meetings are held monthly on Wednesdays at the Town Hall. We need your help.  Please come and support the athletes in Fremont.  Without a volunteer base, our athletic programs are not as successful as they can be. 

See the Calendar page for meeting details


Kid Safe Program

Fremont Athletic Association requires all volunteer coaches to participate in a Kids Safe program. Similar to the New Hampshire Soccer Association and Ellis School, we have made it mandatory for all coaches to register with the Kids Safe Program. This is a process to check individuals who have criminal records and should not be allowed to participate in youth sports.

The process is easy. Simply follow the link below. If you have any questions, please contact Shawn Perreault via email

You can be assured that your privacy will be respected. We are solely interested in keeping our kids in Fremont safe. All background checks will be reviewed by one person within the FAA and if needed discussed and reviewed with the board and the volunteer in a confidential manner.

LINK: Background Check.

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